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Tracy & Duane Kriener

Tracy and Duane Kriener had specific ideas of what they wanted in a house. They decided to build in Woodbury's Stonemill Farms development because they couldn't find those touches in existing homes. "We wanted certain carpet textures, arches throughout; detailing around the doors; quality trim work; tailored, high-quality woodwork and more," said Tracy. "None of the builders we talked to would give us the amenities we wanted for the same cost as McDonald Construction. There was no comparison." She said that other builders had "set in stone" choices and floor plans, with few custom features. "I wanted a basement laundry and clothes chute from the second floor. Most of the builders we talked to just wouldn't do that. McDonald shifted the floor plan so that it worked." "Energy efficiency was also important," added Tracy. "McDonald made sure we have Andersen windows, plenty of insulation between the floors, and sealed outlets, so that air can't come in through them. "We wanted a home with a southern exposure, with a lot of windows throughout," she said. "McDonald was able to show us several lots where we could situate the house to let in plenty of sun." The construction phase went well and the carpenters and other craftsmen were very courteous. We liked that the subcontractors had worked with McDonald for a long time, we felt that was a good sign." The couple moved into their two-story home with their children in 2007. "We have a main floor master suite so that we can stay their indefinitely. It's a fun house," she concluded.

-Tracy and Duane Kriener