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Karen Paul

I can't say enough positive about my experience with McDonald Construction. I was very, very leary about building a custom home from the ground up. I had heard horror stories of the building process and also really didn't know anything about anything to do with building. Yet, when I toured the model you could just tell the difference of true quality. The quality and beauty of their work was immediately apparent. It was quite telling as I talked to my insurance agent, and banker and other people in Woodbury who while not involved in the deal all said oh you are lucky they are the best. My own experience has been wonderful.All of the people at McDonald Construction are amazing, knowledgeable, very kind and helpful. From Steve who from the early days walked me through the entire process and even now keeps in touch to Teresa who was just the most amazing architect and designed a lovely home better than I dreamed to Micah who became my email buddy and gave me weekly updates and answered all kinds of my crazy questions ( and still is) to Lonny who helped me keep my financial end on track and also provided invaluable advise to Bill who watched over the entire project and orchestrates everything ( and still made time to babysit me on some of the basics) to all of the their incredibly partners. I feel like I got to work with a bunch of artists who all came together to build this incredible piece of art for me. I knew throughout the entire process where we were and that I was in expert hands. I've learned so much and not only did I get a tremendous home and a great value for the money, I had a wonderful life experience in doing this ...if you have any reservations about going this route...don't worry just go with McDonald Construction.

-Karen Paul Testimonial for McDonald Construction Home Builder